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Localization - translation adjusted to market

Localization implies translations which are tailored to the market and/or the target group. Texts are adjusted to the language of the market, social and other demands, taking into account the linguistic and cultural aspects which must be either adjusted or completely excluded.

Translation of technical documentation

The efforts of numerous companies to enter the world market and the adoption of international standards on the availability and preparation of instructions have significantly contributed to the increasing need for the translation of technical documentation.

Interpreting services

The essence of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is not the translation of words and language phrases, but rather the translation of thoughts and ideas. In order to successfully understand and interpret the speaker’s thoughts and ideas into a foreign language, the interpreter needs to listen carefully to a speaker, which requires high concentration, determination, stamina, and experience.

Court interpreting services

A court interpreter is a person appointed by a competent court who, with his/her seal and signature, guarantees that the translated document is correct and identical to the original. The translation of a court interpreter is considered to be internationally recognized and valid.

Translation of legal texts

Translation of legal texts is a specialized discipline. It is a field dependent on culture, and legal translations are not always linguistically transparent. Legal texts should be translated by translators with experience in this area, since only one mistake in a paragraph of a contract may result in the loss of money or a miscarriage of justice.

Translation of marketing texts

The objective of translation is to convey meaning from a source language into a target language, however, despite this common goal, not every translation is the same. The translation of marketing texts is significantly different from, for instance, the translation of technical documentation, and in the case of marketing texts, translation is not merely a transfer of meaning from one language to another, but the bridging of cultural differences.

Translation of websites

Websites have long since become one of the key factors for entering the international market, and for the overall success of any company. Potential clients usually gain the first impression of your company through the website, which provides an irreplaceable opportunity for a good first impression. Websites are a mirror of your company and they show seriousness, competence, and professionalism.